Thanks to the improvements brought by Lenoir Elec R&D, the magnetic blowout contactors assembled on insulating bars reaches extremely high technical features. Those contactors have many qualities: high electrical and mechanical endurance, perfect reliability under intensive duties, under selfic breaks in AC and DC and under heavy powers, flexibility in design and in use, extended lifetime, high numbers of auxiliary contacts, Such assets enable Lenoir Elec contactors to cover a wide range of requirements that block contactors or power electronics, by design, cannot meet.

Lenoir Elec contactors division designs and produces 'standard' modular AC and DC low voltage bar contactors ranging from 80 to 8370A suitable for the most varied applications, as well as current-triggered and voltage-triggered magnetic relays, and 'customised special' contactors like excitation contactors (also called field circuit breakers), bi-stable energy accumulation contactors and with high making currents, high speed opening contactors, .