Machining of composite materials: our speciality

Wiser for its numerous years of experience in manufacturing and machining of thermal and electrical insulators, the Insulators division of Lenoir Elec brings you the most performing solution to each of your projects.

At the leading edge of progress and innovation, the Insulators division is amongst the first to have developed a substitute to cement-asbestos in the electrotechnic field. After several years of research, a new asbestos-free material is patented: Colomix 71.

Thus, Lenoir Elec is at the origin of the development of a 'graphite' composite material used in the glass industry. This product holds a very small friction factor not to scratch the glass and stands the thermal and mechanical constraints specific to this sector.
Such revolutionary insulator is perfectly suited to many applications, notably to the replacement of blowout cages equipping the old generation contactors from us or from others, even improving their technical features.